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Re: Horton: straight shooter or loose cannon?

Posted: 1/31/2013 7:26 AM

Re: Horton: straight shooter or loose cannon? 

Ray Horton told the world in his press conference what he is going do do.

He wants to be a head coach.  The way the owners will recognize him as the head coach is on the performance of his players.

He says his players performance is his resume.

So, he will fight to get the free agents and draft choices he needs to build the type of defense Haslam, Chud and he want.  Throw out Banner and Lombardi.

Haslam says he wants a 34 type of Pittsburgh defense and he wants a winning team.  An offensive team without a top defense lose games 35 to 31.

So, Haslam message to Banner and Lombardi is get Ray Horton the players he wants to fix this defense so it becomes the multi-front - aggressive attacking defense.

Watch the free agent acquisitions.  Watch the trade of players to reduce the 43 signature and upgrade the 34 talent.  Watch the 2013 draft.

GR mentioned the first three picks could be defensive.  If they do not want to replace Brandon Weeden, I can se them going three picks being defensive players.
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