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Re: Weeds not gifted the spot .....................


Posted: 1/26/2013 12:01 AM

Re: Weeds not gifted the spot ..................... 

HeadHole wrote: "Gary's programming does not allow him to delete a post just because it points out that his take is asinine.  Otherwise I would have a lot fewer posts on this board."

-- Thanks for your post. I'm hazy about any politics surrounding this forum. I'll try to avoid electronically crossing paths with anyone who can up and delete my posts. 

"It does allow him to delete posts that make personal attacks.  And posts that truly suck.  You may want to re-evaluate your post and focus on which of those two categories your post fell under."

-- A "personal attack" can often be defined differently by different people in different contexts and on days when they feel differently. A flexible item that is open to manipulation. 

Deciding that a post "truly sucks" could be influenced by several factors as well. Some for the greater good and some- perhaps- formed by personal opinions. 

We all do what we think is right. 

I do think it's wise to avoid personal attacks and truly sucking as I define those things. Not that I always can, I'm sure. Do you think I somehow "personally attacked" this Gary person or that my posts were bad enough to "truly suck"? I ask for information and direction.

But if someone feels the need to delete my posts, please do so. It's hardly the worst that can happen. And it will be a learning experience. 
Well, Otter's post about Gary wasn't directed to you, so I assume you're speaking generally. But if Gary thinks your take sucks, he'll let you know. ; - )
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Posted: 1/26/2013 4:47 PM

Re: Weeds not gifted the spot ..................... 

"Well, Otter's post about Gary wasn't directed to you, so I assume you're speaking generally."

-- My bad. It was a reply to my post, but it did contain fragments from another post. So I guess I see where I made my mistake.

Although I put my driveling in the context of my post, I was speaking generally on some level. It's comforting that no one thinks my posts so far both suck and contain personal attacks. Since the days of getting drunk in high school, I've tried to keep personal attacks that suck to a minimum. 
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