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Re: Crack Adled Mock draft


Posted: 1/25/2013 12:03 PM

Re: Crack Adled Mock draft 

0tter wrote:
SoulDawg74 wrote: If Banner and Lombardi are putting out this vibe , get the pitchforks,  tar and feathers ready .

Has us picking QB at 6 , Lacey going to the 49ers and teo going inbred , ( figures) if they get him expect him to plague us for a decade . or-Bowl-EJ-Manuel-Ryan-Nassib-Tyler-Wilson-first-r ound-quarterbacks-012113

A pox on them bastards if they waste our precious pick on not just a  QB , but one of the lames in this draft masquerading as a  QB especially that early .

Your link sucks.

SD none of these mocks are based on inside information.  It's just the draftnick matching perceived need with perceived value.  But Banner/Lombardi have certainly left open the possibility that they perceive QB as a need.   I would expect any mock draft to focus on a 34 rushing LB, a FS, a CB, or a QB.  Those are the perceived needs.  And I also expect the draft to have QBs go earlier than most people would think so that mock isn't quite as crazy as they'll get.   
If Lombardi is as good as alleged at identifying BPA then there's no way he'll go QB at 6.  There's too much value at the top of this draft in places of need to go with a QB that would be available 10-20 slots lower.  His reaction to the Browns selection of Weeden was not one that indicated that he thought Weeden was a bad player - just that he felt he was a bad selection at the end of rnd 1.  That speaks more to him being unwilling to reach for a QB at the top of rnd 1 than it speaks of his feel that they need to replace him at all costs.

First of all thanks for fixing the link , second my post backed up your summation , as I ascribed to the philosophy if they followed this course it would suck .

We don't need to expend valuable resources at 6 on QB especially with a suspect crop of signal callers there is not even a Dalton much less a Luck or RG3 which gives you an instant starter .

I pity the fools forced to have to go early and pick from an orchard which has frost damage to find something palatable , that I believe is not us .

There are some more reasonable mocks which address your points on the value of defense in this draft , with us picking a DE at six no less .

Hard to say without going thru FA , if we'll pick there or move down and try and recoup our second but I'd be dismayed if they wasted any resources on any QB in this draft before the third round with so many other needs , as such a pick would compare to 5th or sixth round project grade talents compared to similar talent found in other drafts.

6th round roster filler vs a sixth round overall , would gve you more bang for your buck so poor is the quality at the position this year .

Defense defense and more defense and fix your offense in free agency including adding another arm if you must.

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