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RE: Crack Adled Mock draft


Posted: 1/24/2013 1:06 PM

RE: Crack Adled Mock draft 

SD,they know the scheme was horrible and really didn't put any of the offense in a position to succeed.
Plus Weeden never progressed upward..he sputtered..too many mouths in his ear.
Turner wants to work with him and see if he can bring the best out of him.
Fine..don't need to waste 1st rd picks by throwing a guy away just because U can.

If it were me I would bring in a FA QB to compete and roll that way for a year while I fix the D.

We only have 6 picks this year..thats not a lot to be using I hope they are shrewed enough to cop another 2nd rounder.
The 34 is more urgent because they need backers to fill the outside holes.
I want that first pick if they stay there to get a pass rusher or corner.
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