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RE: How are we NOT going to make a splash in FA?

  • mes78
  • Junkyard Terror
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Posted: 1/22/2013 9:56 PM

RE: How are we NOT going to make a splash in FA? 

No they won't. They'll tell us it was Haslam and Banner's brilliant plan all along to sucker other teams into paying for those overrated bums while we maneuvered around to get the solid values. They'll probably even have some quotes from Lombardi to prove it.

No one could sell that philosophy better then Heckert. I remember Usama Young being a solid value. Ditto Patterson and Brandon Jackson.

Mangini used the "he played for me with ______" card, like he new Chansi Stucky, Abe Elam, and Brett Ratliff were some secret weapon that only he knew about.

It'll be interesting the angle this new regime defends FA pick ups. Lombardi should be delightful in his explanations.
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