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Re: How are we NOT going to make a splash in FA?

  • redright
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Posted: 1/22/2013 9:39 PM

Re: How are we NOT going to make a splash in FA? 

Gary Reents wrote: N:
6. Our sychphant buddies tell us what a waste of money the limo & dinner & afterprom would have been & how smart we were.

No they won't. They'll tell us it was Haslam and Banner's brilliant plan all along to sucker other teams into paying for those overrated bums while we maneuvered around to get the solid values. They'll probably even have some quotes from Lombardi to prove it.
Should have a plethora of quotes. The irrelevant billionaire and his lackey Holmgren wrote the book on not spending on free agents and staying well under the CAP as he pockected 20 mil a year under the guise of building through the draft. In the worse case, Hasam and Banner can avow their holding true to the Irrelevant billionaire's plan of success. Surely a delight to his sychophants. Boldly striking out and risking to secure a talented that's divergent.  Little Lord Lerner would never do such a deed.
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