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Re: How are we NOT going to make a splash in FA?

  • mes78
  • Junkyard Terror
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Posted: 1/22/2013 8:01 PM

Re: How are we NOT going to make a splash in FA? 

--- Nasdaq wrote:

--- Gary Reents wrote:

mes78 wrote:
--- Gary Reents wrote:

6. Our sychphant buddies tell us what a waste of money the limo & dinner & afterprom would have been & how smart we were.

No they won't. They'll tell us it was Haslam and Banner's brilliant plan all along to sucker other teams into paying for those overrated bums while we maneuvered around to get the solid values. They'll probably even have some quotes from Lombardi to prove it.

No, following your logic, Haslam and Banner are already aware that their bad reputations have preceded them. Their ruthless lying to the media has caused agents to alert their clients to stay clear of those immoral devils in CLE. " Didn't you see Banner's horns'" exclaimed one agent of a highly rated soon to be FA, according to a source with knowledge of the situation.

So, for this to come full circle, I'm willing to guess that Banner has already calculated the inflated prices he must pay for FAs due to his bad reputation. Thus, he will end up having to spend the 50 mil on nobodies because he's a bad person. Good thing goody two shoes Randy, Holmy, and Heckert saved all that money. They were able to save big because of their reps.
There you go. You use sarcasm well. I like it. There's even a point in it, unlike with the pleading little boy posts , or the caught out in the open all out attack posts to cover their asses.

Your position seems to be "Yes, these guys are ******** and liars, but that doesn't mean the Browns can't still be a top notch football franchise."

You seem to be saying "This is the NFL and liars and bastards abound, so it will have no effect on anything."

I validate your hope. I hope so too. 

That's where we're at. We're hoping these guys with a history of uber egos, dishonesty, and back stabbing can bring a winning franchise regardless of all that.

Your points are well made. Did you get mine?

Regardless is nor like in spite of.

You don't need to add ankle weights when your racing Usain Bolt.

Close to my point, but not quite. I'm not predicting anything for the Browns. In fact, I even partially agreed with your take - lying, dishonesty MAY hurt the team building a winner.

My point is it may NOT damage anything in regards to winning. IOW, your theory is just a high minded opinion that might become valid, but really is just an alarmist, biased doom and gloom tale. Let's call it what it is.

I think you are the only one that is hoping here. You're hoping that your assumption that Haslam, Banner and Lombardi really are the bad guys. Thus, it explains why they lied, cheated and pillaged the local reporters. Your agenda driven take isn't based truly on sources, it's based on defending an assumption that Haslam is a smooth talking, tanned Southerner who can't possibly be better then your pride and joy Randy Bonaparte. Banner must be Lil Napoleon and a power hungry meddler because that's what the grapevine tells us. And Lombardi is a dumba$$ because of baggage from 20 year go. You're hoping they are the bad guys because only bad guys would lie to the media and fans.

Come on. You are a super bright guy, so couldn't there be a smart reason to deceive?. Couldn't there be more advantageous reasons to lie or mislead? I mean it's like the Pete Carril quote, "The strong take from the weak, but the smart steal from the strong." There are some serious positives to being a FO exec, but not currently being employed by an NFL team. You know like Banner being CEO, but not officially, so he can talk to any potential hire whom may work for another team without tampering. Then, he gets 1/2 a season to understand the inner workings of the Browns once his hiring is made official, so he can decide who stays and who goes before official hiring, firing season in the NFL begins.

Same with Lombardi. He could speak to every potential HC and position coach candidate in place of Banner without tampering. Hell, it was part of his job description for NFLN. So, it's not tampering, but it seems to be bending the rules a bit. And it sure gives Banner an unfair advantage due to a head start and inside information.

Why would they lie? Not because of the bad guy persona you hope explains your biased agenda. That's a second grade, "my feelings are hurt" stance. The local media is feeling the same way. News is being leaked, but not to them. Throw in the fact that Lombardi remains vilified due to all the dysfunction of BBs trial HC experience 20 years ago and the fact the BB has resurrected his image, it leaves all the old hate cast down upon Lombardi. BB is golden, Art is dead - but Lombardi - he's alive and still a big freaking creep.

So, I'm not buying what the media is selling, something about it stinks. I'm not saying anything about the greatness of Haslam, Banner, or Lombardi either. I'm just saying there is a whole lot of biases and agendas shaping perceptions and calling it reality. I'll view reality with my own eyes and ears.
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