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Horton may , I say may tip that wheel .............


Posted: 1/21/2013 7:58 PM

Horton may , I say may tip that wheel ............. 

Nasdaq wrote: Well Myth, if past is prologue apply the case study.

1. They will target early & decide early.

2. Damn the zits, pigeon chest, kMart wardrobe and Mathlete social status, we'll put alot of effort into landing the platinum blonde head cheerleader as prom date.

3. We will take her on a date & let her eat lobster & baked Alaska and get a hug at nights end and a polite no to the face while she bags on us to her friends afterwards back channel.

4. While time is wasted on elite FAs to make a splash, Preferred FAs pass as well.

5. Prom night we're at home alone playing COD on line with buddies while that girl & her date are afterpromming at the hotel in the hot tub suite.

6. Our sychphant buddies tell us what a waste of money the limo & dinner & afterprom would have been & how smart we were.

IOW. Get ready for a slew of Dmitri's, Sheldon's , Watsons at much higher prices because of agents not wanting to tie players to Banner / Lombardi until we over pay handsomely IF Banner would do so. Since his league rep & ego is 100% tied to his " tough-shrewd negotiator" status, I am 80-20 he won't overspend unless/until Haslam intervenes. If Haslam does & isn't shot down Zlombardi will give some head case or crap player a ridiculous deal and they'll play it up. Jim Nance will tell us we signed Reggie White.

So I'll call it now & feel welcome to bring it back in March. We'll refuse to overspend bacause Banner won't allow it. So FAs will opt elsewhere. We'll pannic in the end and sign a few older JAGs or washed up types looking for a last decent check. It will be the same type of young players as bin Young and a Ted DC or two to show how drivey-winney we now are and the masses will extoll the brilliance of not being stuck with the next Mario Williams and convince themselves failure is really success and the best possible outcome.

As sure as I sit here.

PS- Ray Horton is a popular players coach. Look for any current or ex Cards on D in FAgency as potential FAs who may come if overpaid.

On that last one , it could be of some benefit .

Checking their UFA defensive website .

No less than two safeties are free a corner a lb a T and a DE,
all trained and versed in his system are sitting for the harvesting . 

Eliminating the problems most free agents have in getting comfortable in a new sytem is half the battle .

Bring in a select gun or two who can contribute and teach his system and it  could provide a culture  invaluabe, to a young corp who will all have to get used to one another .

Combined with augmenting your draft picks , the familairity  could provide a key component to earlier than expected unit integrity .

Its a legit resource we definetly should mine , which would lower the cost long term in regard to paying a little more for them to look past Banner .

Sheeet truth be told , after the Bidwells , Banner might look like a bowl of cherries.

Edited to provide link >


Last edited 1/21/2013 10:44 PM by SoulDawg74

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