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Re: How are we NOT going to make a splash in FA?

Posted: 1/21/2013 8:33 AM

Re: How are we NOT going to make a splash in FA? 

Gary Reents wrote:
mythrand wrote: I am just curious because i was reading we have to be within a certain percentage of the CAP this year and every year after and that this year was the only exempt year. I read somewhere that Banner said we are NOT going to make a big splash in Free Agency but i was wondering how do you NOT make a big splash and spend close to 50 million in cap space? Anyone have a clue on how this can be accomplished?
Don't know. Maybe he intends to gut the roster and replace them with new journeymen free agents?

Or, he may be lying to lower expectations. Not that Banner would lie.
Get over it already! Dead horse meet flogger. Good Grief.

Each team must spend 89% of the salary cap in 2013. Which for the browns is a sizable increase. But that doesn't mean they will make a "big splash" in FAcy. A " big splash" is a relative term anyway, depending on your POV.

Obviously the team can and will sign some of it's own FA's. And they will bring in new players. But I just don't think the new players will be" big name/ big money" guys.

Also, players under contract who are released have their cap #'s accelerated. In our case players like DJack and Gocong, who Heckert signed to bloated contracts, might be released causing an accelerated hit and eating up some of that 50 million cap number.

It'll be interesting to see what they do in the coming months, as it appears they are hell bent to remove all things Holmgren from the organization.
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