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Re: How are we NOT going to make a splash in FA?

Posted: 1/21/2013 8:14 AM

Re: How are we NOT going to make a splash in FA? 

It will be interesting how free agency develops for the Browns.

They have to spend about 90% of their money.

The rookie pool is automatic, but, it should not be much after the spend on the 6th pick, there is not second round pick.

They can extend a few players, like Mack and Joe Haden, that should be an interesting amount.  The could front load those contracts.

I don't see a $100 million for a defensive lineman, like Buffalo did last year.

I expect some players being added from Arizona, San Diego and Carolina.

If the scheme does change to the 34, look for a good splash for an OLB.

Banner is known to be tight with money, which is fine with me.  There are teams out there that are known to over spend to drive the market high.  Let them spend their money and when the high spenders have exhausted their money, there will be some good players left in the open market.

The question that is needed to be asked.  Will the good players want to play for Banner and Lombardi?  Cleveland has been a hard place to sell as an attractive market and some of the previous regimes had over paid for players.

It should be an interesting off season.

Again, they are required to spend the money.  How they spend it will be interesting.

My bet is some good players, FS, CB, OLB, DE, G, FB & WR, will be areas of interests.  If they determine Brandon Weeden is not the guy, QB, might become the higher priority.  A good veteran QB might be a nice addition after they cut McCoy.  McCoy does not match the idea of a vertical passing attack scheme.
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