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Re: What are SFO's odds?

Posted: 1/24/2013 3:18 PM

Re: What are SFO's odds? 

redright wrote: Lumpy,

 The one that's always showing up here, making up dumb excuses for Spygate and their patsy schedule

Listened to Shaughnesy on MIke Francesa. There to pump the book on Francona, but started on the game. One of Dan's points was the Pats have six lay up games every year...jets, dolphins, bills. Given a bye they get a weak sister. Then they play a tough team and is it close game or at least one in which the match-ups don't favor them. The ravens play in the AFCN and are accustomed to a tougher brand of ball.  

rr  IMO, most defenses play at 90% during the season. In the playoffs they bring their best. I could be wrong, but it allows me to think a stout defense in needed in the playoffs and teams that first time meet a tough defense are at a disadvantage. The old iron sharpens iron..  While the Pats are the tough guys in the AFCE, it is the AFCE.

aside... I do think I will like our new DC.  Bring it...
A good defense can usually beat a good offense...but first you have to be GOOD.
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