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Re: What are SFO's odds?

  • redright
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Posted: 1/22/2013 6:39 PM

Re: What are SFO's odds? 

Lumpy wrote: Ravens won fair and square, but the Pats offense stunk.  

Well the offense stunk due to the defense of the Ravens.  Drops and sloppy play was not the reason they got BEAT.

Where is that Ravens troll anyways?  The one that's always showing up here, making up dumb excuses for Spygate and their patsy schedule?

THE Ravens beat the Pats at their own game. The pats won the SB  by beating on and up and everywhich way on the Rams. Later the Pats did the same to the Colts, eliminating them and going on to another SB. Last Sunday the Ravens beat up the Pats receivers. The refs threw the book away and let them play.Without Gronk and another tough guy they were doomed.

That is the way I saw the game and am confident it is a correct view having listened to Blt radio on the way home today and further, I listened to Eric Mangini on Mike and Mike say the Pats were unfairly  treated by the refs, but the refs called it the same for both sides.  5 yard chuck???hold??? what?? not being called today. (nice that Eric agrees with me)biggrin

So Lumpy you are spot on. It was the rough defense that won the game. No complaints from me and thee should be none from Pats fans. They got what they gave out in prior games. This time they were left short in the muscle department and when their tough guy DB went down, Anquan Boldin had his way out muscleing the smaller less physical patriot DBs.

Now San Fran is in trouble. they have no pass rush. Flacco will pick them apart. The ravens WRs can play hard ball, can Smith and Jones play with the big boys? Doubt it, if the refs let the game be played as the ravens/pats game.

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