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Baltimore won easy, and we should have seen it...

Posted: 1/20/2013 9:45 PM

Baltimore won easy, and we should have seen it... 

As Butch would say, I had a gut feeling about this game even before it started. I should have put $1000 on Baltimore, even at -9.5 on the road.

You knew deep down in your hearts knew that it would come down to a Harbaugh-Harbaugh SB. (It almost happened last year).
Ravens have just played lights out and are peaking at the right time. They were 10th in the regular season in PF and 12th in PA, slightly above average #s. NE was 1st in PF and 9th in PA, very good.

49ers are unproven in recent times; Balt has been there before in 2000. The 49ers did win in 1994. But Balt has been to the playoffs 8 times over the past 10 seasons (excepting 2005 and 2007) and the 49ers have been there 2x (2011 and 2012).

I see the SB being close and Super in terms of the game itself, then the Rats win with a last-second tackle by Lewis.

Makes me want to start following the MLB instead; although there is no salary cap and it is harder for smaller teams to win as a result, it seems less "fix-ey" to me.

Patriots look soft right now; the Browns, even in their current state, could run against them and keep it close.

In summary,

1) Brady and the Pats as a whole are a finesse team that struggles with teams like Baltimore.
2) Flacco had big targets and the Pats DBs are small; think Decker and Williams at WR for Denver and you get the idea.
3) The Ray Lewis factor. #52 is an inspirational leader, and that alone is enough to help an aging defense, even sans Suggs and Webb.

4) Wind. The wind shortened the game, kept Baltimore in striking distance at the half and then they unveiled their passing attack in 2nd half.
5) Luck. Bad fumbles, turnovers, etc. at wrong times hurt NE.

6) Injuries. How can NE play well w/o Ridley, Gronk, Chung, Talib, Kyle the other defender whatshisface and a few others, while Balt is injury-free?

Last edited 1/20/2013 10:00 PM by kosartoslaughter

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