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Re: My favorite link


Posted: 2/9/2013 5:33 PM

Re: My favorite link 

poppa9601 wrote:
Gameface64 wrote: From the 1/27 column, not to advance my opinion of Weeden, but just more data for the board:

• “Brandon Weeden is (nearly) 30 years old, and he is not accurate — you could see in his (throwing) motion that he is a (former) baseball pitcher. He’s fairly athletic, but he does not see the field well. If you are going to develop one, why not take a chance on a younger guy.”

Com'mon Game, you're reaching here.

Weeden was a 70% passer in college and now suddenly he's inaccurate? What could have happened? He got Shurmurized, that's what.

Weeden was one of 4 starting rookies on offense, throwing to inexperienced WR's and a TE who had ringing in his ears for half the season(Watson). That you or anyone else would use that as some kind of proof that BW can't play is ridiculous.

And again, who is this mysterious "younger" guy? Name him.
Wasn't my opinion, its the opinion of an unnamed scout or FO person. I brought it forward because its a comment that's Browns related, nothing more. No agenda, just an interesting tidbit. One person's opinion, to be taken with as much salt as you like.
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