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RE: If A is true, then B must be true. And if B is true, then...


Posted: 1/22/2013 5:33 AM

RE: If A is true, then B must be true. And if B is true, then... 

Wait, now every owner is determined to win??? I thought I was being accused of throwing undeserved accolades at an owner (in Haslam) that had to be way premature and overly optimistic. Turns out, my mistake was leaving out the beloved Randy and every other owner. Please. Ask a Pittsburgh Pirate fan how determined their previous 2 owners have been. Ask a ARI Cardinal fan how determined Bidwill is to winning. A blanket statement is never the truth - every owner is determined to win. Determination is clearly not the same as wanting or trying to win. Maybe you meant every owner would like to win. 

Sure. Every owner is determined to win. Every single one. It can be assumed.  Not every one is determined to win at all costs, even at the risk of going broke or losing the team.

Not every owner has the same assets available and are more limited in what they can do, but they are completely determined to win.  For instance, Mike Brown. Brown is completely determined to win. But Mike Brown isn't a Billionare and his daddy wasn't all that rich when he got the franchise. While the team is worth a billion his liquid assets aren't. So his team has to operate within its revenue stream all the time. That's cost him premium players over the years and caused uneven success. But Mike Brown is determined to win.
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