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RE: If A is true, then B must be true. And if B is true, then...


Posted: 1/21/2013 1:09 PM

RE: If A is true, then B must be true. And if B is true, then... 

Gary Reents wrote:
The good news is he was probably lying. :)

Come on. If Haslam and Banner want a guy and Chud doesn't, we know who will win.  Given time, Banner will talk Haslam into his position. We've already seen that.

The would have been good news is..he shouldn't have said anything along those lines ,because in theory it sounds ridiculous to me.

U have a bue chip player in your grasp and U would move away because your team is split?
(Maybe thats to coverup if they draft someone that clearly should not have been..oh we couldn't agree on player P so we went with player  S..tongue)

We've seen that as work with every GM thats been here. And it rarely worked out well.
And each one has said there wouyld be someone to break the tie..
I know it's Banner .
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