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RE: If A is true, then B must be true. And if B is true, then...

Posted: 1/20/2013 2:05 AM

RE: If A is true, then B must be true. And if B is true, then... 

mes78 wrote: IMO, Banner, Haslam, and Lombardi followed a tested and tried model of doing business - you work with people you know or with people who are recommended by people you trust. It's clear Banner knows and trusts Lombardi. Banner basically said that they had joked about working together for a long time, which means they planned this for awhile. This is pretty clear.

However, for reasons not as obvious, but worth speculating they wanted to wait to officially make the move. Why wait? Maybe by trying to land a premier HC, and thus moving Lombardi to a lesser title. Maybe they wanted to avoid making changes in season to avoid a complete circus atmosphere while games were to be played. The reasons themselves are secondary to the main objective that they had a plan for how they wanted to fire the existing regime, and hire the new regime.

This plan was leaked to the media (could Howie Roseman or Lurie do that?). Yet, Haslam and Banner were determined to carry out their plan for regime change for whatever reasons. The media, doing their job, inquires about these rumors. Haslam and Banner are put in a no win situation. Tell the truth and expose your plan that may decrease your chances of achieving your goal, all the while they cannot comment on employees of other franchises. Or lie by not telling the whole truth, yet possibly protecting the plan and still being able to achieve their goals. It's like asking your child, what did you do? But you already know what they've done, but they are now forced between telling the truth and receiving punishment, or lieing and possibly avoiding punishment. Most kids lie in that situation.

Haslam and Banner could answer questions honestly, even though it might damage the way they want to build the team; or they could mislead, lie, or leave out the whole truth to increase the opportunity to try and hire the people they want, when they want them. They chose the latter option.

If we are questioning their character and how that affects relationships, then I think we are overvaluing morals in the cutthroat world of the NFL, and overlooking the overriding importance of winning for gaining respect and admiration. For example, Bill Belichick was branded a jerk in CLE, but is now worshipped universially even though he was caught cheating is spy gate. Ray Lewis obstructed justice is a murder case, but he's hugging the Commish like he's leaving the planet for good because he's an all time great. Sean Peyton gets a raise after bountygate. On the other hand, Romeo gets canned despite handling a player murder/suicide in season with tremendous class and dignity. So, the reality is Haslam and Banner put the opportunity to build a winner how they see fit above telling the honest truth to the fickle local media.

No harm, no foul. Just win baby.
        Torpedoes be damned!! Full speed ahead! Excellent post.

Edit- I think they wanted Kelly so badly that if they got him, and he wouldnt work with Lombardi, that they would have gone with someone else. Once they lost Kelly they were going to go with Lombardi. Thats the only justification for the timing that i can think of. Or possibly Kelly has a big ego and they were playing to it.

Last edited 1/20/2013 2:29 AM by JERBB

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