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Re: Clarification needed: What is building down the pipe?

Posted: 1/28/2013 5:12 PM

Re: Clarification needed: What is building down the pipe? 

ramllov wrote: Building down the pipe is building strength down the middle.

The middle of the defense is the NT or DTs, with the ILBs, MLB and then the Ss.  The strength down the middle is key.

The idea of the defensive line collapses the center of the pocket, so the QB cannot step up.

The ILB/MLB, with the DTs/NT stop the running game up the middle.

The safeties are the last line of the defense.  Again, if the safety moves up in the box, again they stop the running play.  A strong set of safeties prevent long offensive plays.

Again, other members might have their descriptions.  If the Browns move to the 34 or a hybrid type defense, they need a top quality free safety.

Now we know the second corner is required and some believe two additional CBs are needed.

The pass rushing OLB, such as Dion Jordan.

Lets see what they do in free agency and the draft.
Wise/wizened coaches in team sports build "from the middle out"; in baseball its pitching, catching, short second, center field; in football "nose", center, guards, QB, MLB, S,, soccer, hockey, water polo, WHATEVER!

Hey diddle diddle...straight DOWN THE MIDDLE!

Of course, being very strong down the middle means that the offense or the defense you are facing can't take the shortest, quickest route from point a to point b (STRAIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE)...they have to attack your "flanks"...which means they are "slanting" or not "squared up"; a good thing if you ARE "square!"
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