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Posted: 1/18/2013 3:08 PM


Gary Reents wrote:
suzi_q wrote: Lombardi to the Browns, per every media outlet in CLE.

Let the teeth gnashing begin.  I'm headed to the liquor cabinet.

How in the blue f uck does this happen?  And don't just say "Banner".  Tell me how this is a good idea.  Really.
Oh, sorry. I let you down.

Hiring Lombardi is a great idea, not just a good idea! Awesome! Really.
Apparently, your sarcasm meter is busted.  

My goal is to laugh and point fingers at those that try to justify it.  Morons, clearly.  And Nas telling me to "quit crying" is, I tell you!!!  

Besides, I don't cry - I bitch.  I'm bitching.  I don't like the way this hierarchy is shaping up.  I hate slimy, disingenuous people and I especially hate them when they are in a position of power within my beloved Browns organization.  Not to mention, it's casting a pall on my excitement in seeing what Chud, Turner and (potentially) Horton can do.  

I hope I'm wrong, sincerely, and this turns out to be the best thing since Bernie Kosar et al torquing the system to land in CLE.  Time will tell and I'm not inclined to give them a lot of rope in the meantime.
It's like magic....only real.
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Posted: 1/18/2013 3:17 PM

Re: egads. 

I love when you bitch. 

I think they announced it today because they're getting ready to announce that Horton is bringing his talents to the shores of Lake Erie and we'll all forget that fat face is even employed with the Browns.

Ugh. I can't find a silver lining.

Battling through process since 99'

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