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Re: OOOOOOP Thar it Is 2

Posted: 1/18/2013 10:56 AM

Re: OOOOOOP Thar it Is 2 

suzi_q wrote: Lombardi to the Browns, per every media outlet in CLE.

Let the teeth gnashing begin.  I'm headed to the liquor cabinet.

How in the blue f uck does this happen?  And don't just say "Banner".  Tell me how this is a good idea.  Really.
Maybe it will work because if they are half as smart as they apparently think they are, they will realize that this announcement ended any honeymoon the new regime may have enjoyed. It's gonzo.

They either get it right now or they better know that the fans will express their disgust in the only way that matters...$$$. There are going to be a number of fans like me who were on the last leg. This is it. If they don't produce now, as in this year, my 20+ years of season tickets ends. I *know* I am not alone in this.

Maybe like the super smart egghead, they like the extra pressure to focus.

Personally, I mainly worry about the effect of having two backstabbing micro-managing jerkwads in a front office does to the ability to attract high quality talent in the personnel department. It's been my experience that people who are really good have options and life is too short to work with people who you can't trust.
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