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Re: So let's reset on Haslam.


Posted: 1/21/2013 9:16 AM

Re: So let's reset on Haslam. 

PROSECUTOR wrote: Unfortunately, I often slip up and hope. I'm weak.

I have a feeling this won't be one of those times you slip up.

Me, on the other hand, I might hope a little. I have to believe that if people around the league told Haslem that Lombardi is a backstabbing C-sucker who can't judge talent, he would not have signed off on the hire. Banner said something about having to be sure about Lombardi before he put him "in front of" Haslem and Chud, so this doens't appear to be a rubber-stamp job.
Again who are these top people who recommended this person to Haslam??
And why didn't they recommend Lombardi to all the other teams who have hired GM's in the last 5 years?
Are they laughing now?
Banner's being sure was spoken about when he said the "two years they worked in Philly"..
Uh is that all?
Everywhere else he's failed miserably and undermined people and been sitting on NFLN like Tweetybird.
He was rumored to be a Cleveland hire since Banner was brought in so this wasn't done overnight.
It's been in the works for a long time.
And I believe like it's been written about,ML has been the mouth stirring the moves just won't be made known to us.
"Chud can U work with Lomdardi?? He did recommend U"..
Wouldn't put it past him.
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