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Re: So let's reset on Haslam.

Posted: 1/18/2013 1:44 PM

Re: So let's reset on Haslam. 

Nasdaq wrote:

Wait & see indeed. Concur.

But if there is a plan being executed, I don't see it.

Any dots you can connect to any plan do not appear to be executed well. Now this may or may not correlate to outcomes. Wait and see indeed.

But the coronation & halo from August seem ludicrous now.

Well in November I heard it would be Banner and Lombardi running the FO and a young coach committed to building a strong offense would be in place by now.

I am just shocked at how much kabuki theater we've been witness too.  The only legitimate pursuit appears to have been Chip Kelly who was their #1 candidate.  But they were having a lot of fun interviewing guys they don't appear to have been that serious about (ie. Whisenhut, Farmer, Horton, Gamble, Zimmer).  

Maybe Chud really was an honest hire but if so he's the only one that wasn't essentially tied to his position from day one of the Haslem regime.

So I definitely see a plan.  And feeding back to what I think were honest statements by Haslem vis-a-vis building a football organization that will stand the test of time, from GM down to players, I don't know that the HC is as important as the philosophies he's implementing. 

I do believe Haslem looks at the Browns more as a fun business to play with than as something he has a stewardship over.

I find that disconcerting.

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