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Re: So let's reset on Haslam.


Posted: 1/18/2013 9:25 AM

Re: So let's reset on Haslam. 

Gary Reents wrote:
1. He whiffed on all of his top head coaching targets and had to settle for Chud. I like Chud, but as a statement of the Browns coaching search it ended up with a whimper.

2. We have all these reports about Banner. Players say he brought a hostile atmosphere to the team, he's a little napolean, likes to meddle in player evaluation, wants full control, and coaches consider him a disincentive to come here. Choose whether you believe it or not, but that's what's out there.

Yes, that's what's out there. Lennay was out there as well. Here's what I think I know: - We're told Haslam and Banner spent a lot of time with a guy who should've been finding the door after the first hour. Chip says, "Make me HMFIC." Banner says, "No." Chip says, "Good luck on your search." Heck, how did it last seven hours with Banner's (alleged) reputation? - Banner won't win any Mr. Congeniality awards and has a deathgrip on the checkbook that would make Scrooge go 'dayum.' Yet looking at the tire fire that was the week 17 Eagles, the succeeding tire fire of the Eagles' coaching search, and Lurie's victory lap yesterday, I get the impression that he may have been the one wearing the big boy pants in that org. - A week after the Chud hire and reportedly every HC position is filled. Does Haslam and Banner's quick moving seem as panicky now?
3. He just renamed Cleveland Browns Stadium to First Energy Stadium for a tidy profit. But we might get wifi at the stadium. 

4. He's going to resdesign the Browns uniforms. He's going to leave the Helmet alone I hear, but the actual uniforms are fair game. 

A big pile of 'I fail to care anymore'.
So...drop in and give me your...what 6 months...grade. Elated? A bit disappointed? Depressed?  Where are you. 

Me? About what I expected after hearing the first reports of Banner. Rookie Owner getting used by an ambitious and ruthless President.
Meanwhile, the rest of us take the data in stride and continue to adjust our opinions as they go along. Haslam's eager and out in front, but he's still new at this and it shows. Nobody likes Banner, but he could just be the adult this org hasn't had since, what, Policy? Accorsi? We won't know anything for positive for another nine to ten months or so. Right now, though, I have no reason to see the org on the same fail train its been on since Butch self-destructed. Chud's a good hire. Norv's a good hire. If we get Horton that's a good hire. Schreiner's a good hire. They kept Sandusky et al, and they were good hires. If Lombardi's role is to get Bill Simmons and other talking heads saying good things about the Browns, that may just have Grossi's head exploding but its not a horrible hire. Five-year plans are for communists. Just keep bringing in good hires, keep them in order, and keep building off of that and good things will happen.
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