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Re: So let's reset on Haslam.


Posted: 1/17/2013 7:53 PM

Re: So let's reset on Haslam. 

I think the jury is still out. 

1.  Don't agree that he whiffed.  The media outlined who he wanted, never heard it from the horses mouth.

2.  Banner is bringing accountability to the organization which has been sorely lacking.  Don't care what everyone is saying. 

3.  So what?

4.  Again, so what?  As long as the helmet stays, the uniform can't change that much.

I like what I have seen.  Love the selection of Chud, and the new Prez, the San Diego Padres Hire (can't remember his name) and (Nance's replacement?)

He's running the Browns like a billion dollar business, which it is.  Time for us to wait and see what the new org brings, quit crying and throw our support behind this regime.

After all, it's not like the Browns have been a success for the last 14 or so years. 

Why is everyone so afraid of change?  I don't get it.
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Posted: 1/17/2013 9:33 PM

Re: So let's reset on Haslam. 

 He whiffed on all of his top head coaching targets and had to settle for Chud. I like Chud, but as a statement of the Browns coaching search it ended up with a whimpe

Had an expansive search. Got the best coach available in the 2013 offseason. Grand Slam.

2. We have all these reports about Banner. Players say he brought a hostile atmosphere to the team, he's a little napolean, likes to meddle in player evaluation, wants full control, and coaches consider him a disincentive to come here. Choose whether you believe it or not, but that's what's out there.

We have a pitbull that won't let a situation like Holmgren or Butch happen again. Bravo.

3. He just renamed Cleveland Browns Stadium to First Energy Stadium for a tidy profit. But we might get wifi at the stadium. 

Awesome. Hurray for capitalism. At least the sponsor has a great name.

4. He's going to resdesign the Browns uniforms. He's going to leave the Helmet alone I hear, but the actual uniforms are fair game. 

Boo...was hoping he would redo the helmets too. Our unis suck ass.

So...drop in and give me your...what 6 months...grade. Elated? A bit disappointed? Depressed?  Where are you. 

Me? About what I expected after hearing the first reports of Banner. Rookie Owner getting used by an ambitious and ruthless President

Wake me up when we are 10 and 6...

Last edited 1/17/2013 9:34 PM by mistero

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