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RE: Bizzare Manti Te'O story going on in the OBR


Posted: 1/19/2013 12:36 AM

RE: Bizzare Manti Te'O story going on in the OBR 

--- Nasdaq wrote:

--- kosartoslaughter wrote:

Te'O-Bentley, Boyer, Hambrick, Rudd.

A bit small, undersized and ok, but not quick enough to be a MLB in a tampa-2 and not thumper-ish enough to be a Ray Ray or Willis.


You do realize Lewis dropped because of size concerns coming out The U right?

& SD my memory may fail me without research but didn't the Gene Stallings' Tide house the heavily favored U & Toretta with Rayenthal in the MNC game ?



I dunno JB if the Bama defense wasn't the bigger story.

Gino coughed up three picks which led to Bama scores so it's hard to play a down hill style when you get the pins knocked out from under ya like that. .

Same Bama defense allowed only 22 yards rushing by LSU IIRC. Stallings dry personality really sucked the credit away from a super juggernaut they took that Miami speed and bitch slapped their wheels off.

They negated the U defense and all that speed ,while Notre Dame just played shell shocked .

Both. QB' were liabilities, when your defense struggles you have to score points and take the pressure off, they poured gas on the fire with mistakes.

Couldn't. Tell ya if snagging the Mantis at 25 would give ya anything like the return they got
For the slasher at that spot

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