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Re: Bizzare Manti Te'O story going on in the OBR

Posted: 1/17/2013 10:53 AM

Re: Bizzare Manti Te'O story going on in the OBR 

Lumpy wrote: Apparently "deadspin" found out the girlfriend who died part is fake?
"Fake" too kind; a hoax is more likely! 

What a great indictment of the media; a highly known public person has THREE YEARS of "fantasy...whatever";and the ENTIRE drama is aided and abetted by the most influential, professional JOURNALISM organizations and individuals ON THE ENTIRE BLUE MARBLE??

ESPN, CNBN, ABC, CBS, FOX, The Times, The Washington Post, and every other credible source of "news"...on the planet were duped and we only found out that the "story of Manti' might be totally made up fantasy...??

Manti might be extremely gullible...but aren't there any JOURNALISTS ANYWHERE who bother to find out if that "heartwarming story of lost love"...has any truth in fact, over a span of THREE YEARS?? 

What else might we all believe ...just because the segment of our society that purports to ensure that we enjoy our  "first amendment rights" has COMPLETELY FAILED to even check one basic fact...regarding a hoax that has been perpetrated by a public person on TV, in print and on the Internet for THREE YEARS? is the INTERNET that exposed the story!! And everybody knows (they do don't they!?) that you can't believe ANYTHING you read on the internet because none of that "tripe" is "professionally vetted??"

Sounds like JOURNALISM is now officially a synonym for REALITY TV!
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