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Re: Bizzare Manti Te'O story going on in the OBR


Posted: 1/17/2013 7:21 AM

Re: Bizzare Manti Te'O story going on in the OBR 

Gary Reents wrote:
SoulDawg74 wrote:
Lumpy wrote: Apparently "deadspin" found out the girlfriend who died part is fake?

Now the spin is , he's a victim of a cruel hoax , yet on film
you have him commenting about what a wonderful beautiful girl she was .

Suckas got bats in the belfry or he's channeling Burfict to see how far his stock can drop .

Flyer.........late and save some cash .

Come on. Its better to portray yourself as eccentric than high. The dude was most likley tripping, which would explain how he played in the Championship game too.

Although, Alien abduction could be another possible reason.

Defintely played like a victim of an out of body experience.

The shock was just to much for him , yeah thats it .

Best twit of the day however , " when he finds his missing girlfriend , then he should start the search for the missing Notre Dame defense "

Worst big game performance since Troy Smith waddled his 25 lb over weight ass out their like a Christmas turkey while getting carved by the Gators .

Missed three tackles for loss , dropped a pick and was manhandled like a pork chop when he wasn't flailing at wind after closing his eyes and whiffing on plays right in front of him .

Mad dog in a meat mkt channels  Denny McClain, Art Schlister.

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