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Re: He likes Green


Posted: 1/17/2013 7:29 PM

Re: He likes Green 

Gary Reents wrote:
Gameface64 wrote: He may have just liked Nick Foles and Mike Vick better than Brandon Weeden. Or the gorgeous Philly weather.

Unless you're Luca Brasi, you can't make anyone sign a contract they don't want to sign. Gary's take that Haslam ain't the salesman some thought he was, well, yeah, all right. Maybe Chip Kelly wasn't the customer we thought he was either. Some people want the competing quote, they don't really want to do business.

Really, he's a truck stop billionaire from Tennessee. All kinds of people in this world can resist that pitch. I may love Cleveland but it's not the prettiest city in the country.

My expectation for Haslam is that he'll be proactive in his efforts and have a better feel for the fanbase than Holmgren. He'll be more hands on than Randy. That's no guarantee of success, but there is no such thing anyway. But imo, its an improvement in style if nothing else.
He is not more proactive than Randy was when Randy first became owner. He's doing exactly what Randy did when he first became owner. He went and talked to various owners of winning franchises, he hired a business guy to be his President instead of a football guy, and he was unable to get some high profile names for some of his open positions.

In addition, he's renaming the stadium for money and he's going to change the uniforms......long thought to be the third rail for Browns fans. So much for getting a feel for the fanbase.

You're almost there. You weren't all atwitter with fanciful notions of Haslam being God's Gift to NFL Ownership, but you're still not seeing clearly yet.
I said he was more proactive than Homgren, didn't mention 1999 Lerner. I could care less about what we call the current Factory of Sad, naming rights is pretty standard stuff and if it helps him recoup some his billion dollar nut, I'm cool with that. Besides, with all the problems that the franchise has had since the return, anybody bitching about naming rights is just a bitch. Uniforms? I'm as old school as old school gets, but if they team starts winning I can handle some new striping or socks. I think a lot of the fanbase will follow if wins start stacking up.

I see that Jimmy's got some blind spots. Like most billionaires, he's driven and a corporate creature, so expect some Browns Incorporated type decisions that rub the wrong way.

What I don't want to do is reverse cause and effect without evidence. We don't know Chip Kelly's mind (and I suspect Chip Kelly doesn't either). Perhaps he simply liked the Philly situation better, and no dog and pony show or blank checks from Haslam was going to change his mind. I won't put that at the Front Office's feet just yet, although I recognize it that it could quite possibly be true.

Keeping an open mind as I see there are no early results yet in what really matters: the performance of the team on the field. Reading front office and management tea leaves is great fun, but in the end, its all about the 'ball.
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