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Re: Chip Kelly


Posted: 1/17/2013 10:22 AM

Re: Chip Kelly 

redright wrote:
Gary Reents wrote:
redright wrote:
Gary Reents wrote:
DougInParma wrote:
Gary Reents wrote: 

When the Browns were out there to get Kelly, the Eagles were too. Kelly didn't really want to leave Oregon, and Lurie did his due dilligence, but he ended up with him.
Mike Nolan, Brian Billick, and Brian Kelly are 'due diligence?' Kelly didn't end up with the Eagles. The Eagles ended up with Kelly because the alternative was starting the post-Banner/Reid era with someone even less lukewarm than Rob Chudzinski.

Yes, Haslam 'didn't get his man'. Haslam's man knew what he wanted and was willing to wait until there was a franchise desperate enough to give it to him. We'll just have to wait and see if that's Haslam's anchor or the bullet he dodged.
The Browns dodged a bullet. Banner is the anchor. 

I didn't want Kelly. Glad he didn't come. Besides the point. This isn't about who we wanted or didn't want. Its about who Haslam wanted and didn't get. He whiffed on all of his desired guys.

I'm still trying to get people to have a realistic view of Haslam. The initial giggling love affair had him as some unstoppable winning force. He's just a guy. He has yet to show he's any better than any other owner.

And the reports about Banner while here match the reports of him at Philly. He is who he is and there's a fair to middlin chance he's a problem.
Gary, You miss the obvious. Haslam wanted Kelly, but at what price. Kelly wanted more control and more input than Haslam was willing to give. Jim changed his mind. Jim walked away,. good for Jim. good for the Browns.

I was never on the Kelly bandwagon. Glad we didn't get him. Content with Chud. Happy Lurie and the Eagles have the Kelly problem.
You ignore information. The Browns left pissed at Kelly. They felt spurned and moved on.

The other thing wrong with your take is you need to substitute the name Banner for Haslam whenever you discuss "control."
Getting it down to where the goats can get it.

When Jesse Jackson began his first campaign, he toured the Delta and Southern regions of Alabama, speaking in his pseudo intelligencia manner. No one he was talking about or to...share cropper education...none had a clue of what he was saying. Governor Wallace of Alabama took Jesse under his wing and told him to get his speech down and understandable by his audience...get it down to where the goats can get it.

Getting it down to where Gary can get it...formidable but I'll try.

Jimmy and Joe go to the strip club to see this renown beauty. they see her as desirable and want her. She is talented and gorgeous. They have a few 100 dollar faux champagne bottles of wine with her. She is gorgeous, but in a moment of lucidity...they both realize...they ain't bringing her back home to meet mother.

It is a puzzlement...a real mystery Gary.
You left out the part where the renowned beauty looks over at them, sees the handsome young and wealthy prince standing next to the grim reaper. She screams and runs away telling them she needs to wash her hair but call her the next time they come to town.
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