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Re: Chip Kelly

  • redright
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Posted: 1/17/2013 8:59 AM

Re: Chip Kelly 

hamster wrote: You DP got it right too.  Since Gary said it he ain't going to budge regardless of what the facts are.  If he was their one and only THEY should have closed the deal then. But now I'm hearing him say WE should have gone beyond what we were willing to give to get another roll of the dice?

Just listened to ESPN too.  They said they went back to Kelly and had to offer more control.  Like I said.  They were embarrassed in not getting someone and gave more than they wanted to close the deal.  Stupid on their part, smart on ours.  We don't need another Butch Davis, Phil or Mangini with excessive power.
Went back and offered more  add  the night of change of heart, Kelly is at the Ducks' game in all his Duck gear, rooting hard for the ducks and doing so reported on Boston Radio.  Then the sudden change..he is going NFL .... Eagles.

Curious...was he playing his last cards?  Did he want the last ounce of adulation? Was it about the final piece of power? Was it about his last chance to get to the NFL before the revolving fan is struck in Oregon?

Me. I am glad we didn't cave.Glad Haslam walked away from Kelly's power play. Especially glad we have one of the HC canditates who appears to match our talent and the AFCN. Kelly looks to be a better fit in Dallas or Philly....less run..more tricks and glitz.
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