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Re: He likes Green


Posted: 1/17/2013 8:17 AM

Re: He likes Green 

Gary Reents wrote: SD:

Couple subtle differences ,  Palmers scheme was never a match for the QB they drafted , he wanted to go down town , in a sustem which was not a match for Couches arm , which was more suited to the short passing game in which he excelled at with Kentucky .

Moreover palmer never wanted couch he wanted Akile Smith who had that prerequisite armstrength Palmer desired.

On Chud , he has had success working with QB's who weren't the sharpest tool in the shed like DA, which makes him the perfect teacher for Weeds and his awe shucks personality.

He has taylored offenses to a QB's strengths as evidenced with his record setting rookie year with Cam Newton , and is an advocate of installing a system which dovetails nicely with te attributes of our current signal caller .

So yes the resume's look similar , but the dynamics are a much closer DNA match , with the caveat we're getting a young driven up and comer vs and old defeatist set in his ways intractable fArt.

On the one hand we have the Browns panting for Kelly who's system did not fit Weeden...without some tweaking. On the other hand we have Chudinski who did well with a strong armed, weak minded QB with poor accuracy and is unsure of Weeden.

If I assume your analysis is right...I'd have to say we chalk that one up to serendipity and not intent.

Definitely , the Browns were like natives on Fiji who didn't understand what a gun was and fortune distracted them from looking down the barrel as the trigger got pulled during that exploration .

Getting spurned by Kelley , forcing them to get huffy and back away from that fools gold platter  of Samonela  was the best thing that could have happened, followed by the deal for Whoozybooty collapsing .

Maybe brother Murphy has tired of effin with us , and has finally left some bread crumbs leading from the wilderness, even though  Banner is a foot too short to play Moses.

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