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Re: He likes Green


Posted: 1/16/2013 7:28 PM

Re: He likes Green 

MHill wrote: Listen, I'm going to be upfront here. I've been drinking Dogfish since about 4:00.

With that out of the way, I'll get to my brilliant take.

I have a new respect for Haslam that I didn't have before this Kelly hire. Since we're all dropping our speculation, here's mine. Kelly was Haslams's "guy". Hands down. Haslam had a plan for how much he was willing to give within his business plan to get Kelly. This offer was offered to Kelly and there was some sort of verbal with regard to the proposal. Once Kelly pulled a Kelly and went all emo, Haslam pulled the offer and left town. Without his "guy". On purpose.

I think Haslam could have continued to go after Kelly and finally landed  his "guy" yet he chose not to. He offered what he was willing to offer within the business plan. Kelly is Kelly. Haslam moved on. The Eagles caved.
You have it partly right. Once Kelly began to show that he was considering not coming out and/or other offers, Haslam lost a lot of interest. You can, if you choose, to believe Haslam saw his instability and decided he needed to walk. If Kelly succeeds Haslam was childish. If Kelly fails, Haslam was briliiant after his initial stupidity of putting Kelly at the top of his list without ever having met him or interviewed him. Maybe at the suggestion of Lombardi...huh?

What I'm basically saying is you have to have talked yourself into a deluded state fueled by desperate desire to decide Haslam is the new Carnegie of the NFL. From that standpoint the only conclusion you can reach once Kelly wasn't hired was that it was some basic flaw in Kelly and not Haslam or Banner.

I'm arguing for a "Let's shut up and watch." because assuming Haslam is a winner or loser is stupid. The logical starting point is he's a rookie NFL owner and he may or may not **** this up.

After watching to this point, I would say you have to really go a long way to believe that Lurie "settled" for the guy both he and Haslam broke speed records to go talk to while Haslam showed great savvy and skill landing the prize catch of Chudzinski. A guy not mentioned for days after the search began.
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Posted: 1/17/2013 7:50 AM

Re: He likes Green 

Dwight Clark was alot like Haslam then, right?

When Billick wouldn't sign right away he chucked that lack of commitment and we got our guy.

Dwight was therefore a savvy winner.

That's my takeaway from Mysterio's point.
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