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Re: He likes Green

Posted: 1/16/2013 6:25 PM

Re: He likes Green 


The winner defeats all obstacles. Haslam told us so at his PC when they fired Shurmer.


Hey, you'll get no argument from me.  Owners have hubris out the ying-yang, and it doesn't help when fawning honeymooner fans have a collective tongue up his bung.

It may have been Jimmy's first time taken down a notch in the NFL, and it sure won't be his last.  I get it.

But timing is everything, especially when teams put out their For Sale signs when a Captain of Industry is looking for his ultimate new yacht.

Hey, if the Eagles and Browns both went on the block at the same time, ya think Jimmy would have looked at Cleveland twice?  Only if he was rebuffed in his effort to land in Philly.

But Cleveland was available, so Jimmy went with it and was determined to sprinkle it with his unique brand of entrepreneurial fairy dust.

And what happened to all those blue collar traditionalists who loved the fact that it was CLEVELAND BROWNS Stadium, and not just another [Insert your corporate name here] Field?   Turns out the effete snob kept it real, and Jimmy Slim Jim went for the quick bucks, even if it amounted to a civic joke. 

What stadium is named after a company that provides a basic service to buildings....

... just not the one that took its name?
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