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Re: Chip Kelly


Posted: 1/16/2013 3:07 PM

Re: Chip Kelly 

I was intrigued by Kelly as a football mind who could think outside of the box. He said all the right things about working with talent being more important than a particular system or philosophy.

But as a person, this guy is greasy. Either highly indecisive or a real crooked shooter. Both bad qualities in a person. Oregon is sad, Oregon rejoices, Oregon is sad. Kelly has no real relationship with that fan base, or he wouldn't act this way. And if he has not feelings for the fans, it shows his self centered nature.

Pettrino v2?

I'll still be interested to see what he does with the Eagle offense. But if his NFL shelf life is short, I'd bet it will have more to do with his shortcomings as a person than his inability to adjust to the NFL.
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