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Re: The Weisenhunt Staff Scandle


Posted: 1/17/2013 6:25 AM

Re: The Weisenhunt Staff Scandle 

Nasdaq wrote: What we know :

Ken Wisenhunt was a finalist for HC. He was interviewed twice. He didn't get the job.

The Rumors:

Banner wanted say over his staff hires. Banner says not true. Whizz thru rumors says its so. I ask myself who has motivation to lie here? Would Whizz really care enough to lie bring jilted by.... The Browns? Or would a man trying to hire a GM with a reputation for infighting & micro managing and little mans non- football ego?

Speculation is the Browns didnt want more transition. Given they uprooted a successful respected GM & first time HC who felt with a lockout & no camps in transition year & playing 22 rooks or 2 year starters does that make sense?

The only unit that HAD vet talent & underperformed had the coach retained.

Cost has been also speculated. Is that true? If so, what does that mean about Haslam?

What does any of this say about Banner & Trey if Whizz is truthful ?

I fully expect The Defenders of the Faith to knee jerk & bleet and bahhh, so if you have to pollute PF with Big Board thought fascism maybe put an asterisk in your subject line so I & others who like to mull over the potential schenarios as data point without final conclusion but try to have them at the ready for future pattern understanding can skip them and talk as men while you fight over the Happy Meal toys.
Here's my read based on information I've looked at over the last several months...

Banner and Haslam say the head coach will have roster control. What WE the fans hear is the HC will have GM powers. BUT, what I think Banner means is the HC will detail the KIND of players he wants and Banner will make sure he gets it. In other words, Banner does the selecting. HC will have final say who makes the roster...if he can stand heavy questioning and pressure from Banner.

Whiz heard the first, but when he began to talk about the changes he would make to the scouting and pro personnel departments the real deal came out. That caused some "discussions and negotiations" with Whiz insisting far too long. Banner then saw him as a problem and it was time to move Chud...who thinks this is just the most wonderful opportunity...and they even let him have an office and a nameplate.

When all was said and done, the Browns ended up with a rookie headcoach that will need wise guidance and assisstance navigating the complex and grown up world of the draft, free agency and cap management.

Last edited 1/17/2013 6:54 AM by Gary Reents

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