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Re: The Weisenhunt Staff Scandle


Posted: 1/16/2013 9:34 AM

Re: The Weisenhunt Staff Scandle 

Its a veritable Patti Smith Scandal.

Exhibit A: Reid and Banner fought in a power struggle in Philly, Reid won a Pyrrhic victory.

Conclusion: Is Banner now gun-shy in hiring anyone that could possibly start another office war, or is the same coaching fraternity that felt Mangini deserved a lame duck season now more than eager to take out the long knives for Joe?

Exhibit B: Whisenhunt's offensive resume consists of one line, 'References: Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald.'

Conclusion: Was Whisenhunt adamant in bringing in his boys and his offense, and Banner and Haslam were looking for someone more flexible?

Exhibit C: Whisenhunt was passed over in the Steelers' last coaching search in favor of Tomlin. Haslam is formerly part owner of the Steelers.

Conclusion: Does Jimmy know things the Rooneys knew about Whis that were reinforced in the interviews?
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