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Re: The Weisenhunt Staff Scandle

Posted: 1/16/2013 9:32 AM

Re: The Weisenhunt Staff Scandle 

Nasdaq wrote:

I fully expect The Defenders of the Faith to knee jerk & bleet and bahhh, so if you have to pollute PF with Big Board thought fascism maybe put an asterisk in your subject line so I & others who like to mull over the potential schenarios as data point without final conclusion but try to have them at the ready for future pattern understanding can skip them and talk as men while you fight over the Happy Meal toys.

That, combined with your thread title, is just way too unintentionally funny to be unintentional.

Chud appears to have say over his staff.  And the La Canfora report that kicked it off wasn't really clear.  It was clear that it was not issues with player acquisition.  Just staff.  That might mean something as simple as Whisenhunt wanted to bring someone along that the Browns FO had a problem with.  Or, if the follow up reports are true, this is much ado about nothing.

But call it a 'Scandle' if you want.  Obviously Whisenhunt stellar performance the last couple years and his hiring by San Diego mean the Browns really screwed the pooch.
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