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Posted: 1/23/2013 8:32 AM


redright wrote:
gadfly23 wrote: DU - "Flacco scored 28pts, NE only failed to do that 4 times all season. Think about that."

NE - 6 games against Fins, Jets, Bills............BR - 6 games against Browns, Steelers, Bengals - think about that.


Dan Shaughnessy, the Globe writer who covers the Pats and Red Sox said as much in a talk with Mike Francesa today.  The Pats have a soft division. It isn't until the playoffs they meet a hard nosed team. Again this year, their soft schedule had them playing a soft team, Texans, and it wasn't until the final they met a team that could bring it.

The pats are not a soft team. They out-physical the AFCE. Then again, the AFCE is not the black and blue divison. 

The pats our physicalled the Colts and the Rams to get to or win  SBs. This time,with Gronkowski out and not having a tough guy as a WR, such as Boldin, they were done in.

You are in league with the Boston writers and radio guys and also Eric Mangini, who said as much. The refs let the team play hard ball. The pats(due to injury) were not able to keep up. Being the toughest kid in the AFCE is not the same as being the toughest kid in the AFC.  San Fran may have the same probleme come SB Sundayl

I don't know..SFO is not soft. Their pass D is not great, so once again Balt will throw. However, like the Brownies, their DL is nasty and can pressure Flacco, who is not the most mobile.
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Posted: 1/23/2013 8:59 AM


I didn't see much pressure on Ryan. One technical sack. Given that time Flacco will toast them
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