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Posted: 1/20/2013 10:13 PM


SoulDawg74 wrote:
poppa9601 wrote: That's all well and good SD, but we already have a "Flacco" on the roster, He's known as Brandon Weeden.

There's absolutely no reason for the Browns to even consider paying a guy like JF when they already have a guy with the same skill set. Weeden fits a down field passing offense to a T.

Yeah, I know that some will say that BW is inaccurate, but that had more to do with the offense he was asked to play than any personal liabilities. Even the worlds best athletes struggle when their rhythm is broken, and playing in Shurmur's offense never allowed BW to get into a rhythm let alone maintain it.

If the Browns change QB's, it'll be for someone with the skills of a Cam Newton/ Colin Kaepernick, not a Joe Flacco.

Besides it doesn't matter anyway. Like you said up post, Bmore isn't about to let JF just walk. And we're in no position to trade for him. Not that they would trade him to the Browns anyway.

Duh ,, try and keep up Popa , just because I said Flacco is a top QB doesn't equate with me saying we should be the one to pay him .

If anything you'll find my posts are in favor of Chud and his ability to get the most out of our staff of QB's starting but not limited to Weeds .

Wrong gun pointed in the wrong direction on this one .

Sorry dude. You're right, I skipped to the bottom of the thread and missed some info from the top.

I too would like to see them develop BW, but I got a feeling Lombardi will go for a signature move. Something like a trade for Mallett or some other unnecessary waste of resources.
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Posted: 1/20/2013 10:33 PM


Thinking same Big Poppa. Never mind Mallett = Weeds as far as a player. Big, immobile, drop back pocket QB.

It'd be Banners guy.
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