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Posted: 1/20/2013 9:59 AM


Last night I went to a school fund raiser at Mason,s bar on Wisconsin.  It's a D C Ravens bar. People who know me ask," who are you to rooting for. You don't like the Pats or the Ravens"?

The Brown's!!!  

See, Reed is a free agent and said to be moving on.  Money or Rings, but moving on.  Likes NE Ray is gone.  Anquain  is old. Flacco is a free agent looking for a pay day.  Ravens are C A P strung.  a blow out with Flacco  having a bad day forces a start from scratch rebuild.  Hence the enemy of my enemy is a friend.  I trust the racketeering in Vegas is right...a double digit Ravens loss.

It's good for the Brown's.

Too Macciavellian?
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