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Posted: 1/19/2013 2:48 PM


donnyunitas wrote: Flacco hasn't been the one winning some of those games for Bmore, that is the point.  He's won some of them, and went along for the ride on some others.  He isn't worth the money he'd demand when A) he hasn't proven he's above your every day run of the mill NFL QB who has won a playoff game and when B) we have a version of Flacco in the works on our roster.

If picking Weeden as we did in 2012 wasn't the right or smart move you don't try to fix it by over compensating and over paying for a guy you have to question on whether he is a top tier QB.

I mean **** the guy put up the two worst QB rated games in NFL history, in the same season.  Doesn't mean he isn't better than what we have, but it also doesn't mean the guy hasn't plateaued and shown us all he has.
Donny U
 If you are right Oz won't franchise him, or if he does, someone will get him for  third round pick. Anybody that bad can't get 18 mil a year and Not doesn't have C A P.
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