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Posted: 1/17/2013 11:55 PM


GergDawg wrote:
This type of thinking is baffling.

So because Flacco hasn't won a Super Bowl in his first 5 don't want him in cleveland?

I guess starting his career with 5 straight playoff wins and 3 AFC championship game appearances isn't good enough for this town.

I would give my left testicle to be in the playoffs the next 5 years with 3 AFC championship losses.

It would feel like the 80's and we could all love Flacco the same way we love Bernie.

--- donnyunitas wrote:

Are you saying if Flacco doesn't get it done and get to the SB this season you want him, as our go to guy?  Sorry, no offense but that doesn't make much sense.

Yes as it stands right now Flacco is better than our boy Weeden, and chances are at least decent that Weeden will never be as good as Flacco is now, or at least any better than Flacco.

So if Flacco is proving he isn't an elite, he isn't a guy that can get you there, or win it, why do you want to pay him big money to come here and not get it done here?

IMO this is Flacco's last chance to get er done, otherwise he is just another QB.


Dude... seriously... a testicle?
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