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Re: Mad Max


Posted: 1/17/2013 5:38 PM

Re: Mad Max 

donnyunitas wrote:
0tter wrote:
MHill wrote: Top 5:



After that...

It gets real muddy after 4. He might not be in everyone's top 5. but he is in damn near everyone's top 10.

I'd be willing to take that chance on paying Flaco for his body of work.

Flacco might be top 10.  Rothelsberger, Luck, RGIII, and both Mannings, and Ryan are definitely ahead of him.   And I might be overstating Eli Manning a bit.  I think based on future potential you'd probably have to give the nod to Cam Newton and Russell Wilson although I would take Flacco over both today.  

His body of work is not very different from Schaub, Bradford, Rivers, or Romo.  In my mind any of those guys could QB for the Ravens and they wouldn't gain or lose overall standings.

And yes I would want the Browns to get him if possible.  He's a compentent NFL QB who can manage an offense well.  He also has a pretty decent deep ball and would probably fit well in the Chud scheme.

I don't completely disagree with you Otter, but he's not worth the money we'd have to pay to get him when we could very well have Flacco 2.0 on the roster already.  Weeden could easily be as good as Flacco in Chud's system, but he could easily not be also.  Why pay a such a ransom to find out?

Too that point , don't forget about the two #1's you'll fork over just to get him to sign that big phat contract , unless of course you think Ozzie  is gonna play Santa Claus to the rest of the NFL and just let him walk for squat.

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