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Re: Mad Max


Posted: 1/16/2013 8:25 PM

Re: Mad Max 

Gameface64 wrote: I don't think Flacco is a top 5 QB either, but he may earn top 5 money because salary and rank rarely are perfectly aligned. Flacco might be top 5 paid for a year or two, but his salary will certainly be surpassed before long.

I feel strongly that Ozzie retains Flacco no matter how the next game or two play out, unless he throws 5 picks, fumbles twice and moons the crowd at halftime.

Being a SB winning QB isn't usually a switch that gets thrown. QBs develop. QBs are not the only person on the field, and sometimes their offenses (ie the other 10 MFers trying to make plays work) don't do that great.

Out of 32 QBs, most are sitting home. Flacco's been in the playoffs 5 in a row. This isn't easy, and its not easily replaced. You guys think Ozzie is such a good drafter that he can kick Flacco to the curb and pluck a better guy with a low round pick, and that low round pick will be ready to excel right out of the box. Kaepernick is the exception, and after two years, Smith is still on the roster. (Maybe college ball will start churning out Newtons and Griffins and Wilsons and Kaepernicks, and teams will lose patience with guys like Flacco. He's "on the verge", we just don't know if it's on the verge of greatness or on the verge of failure.

He did outplay Brady in last year's playoffs. The pass to Lee Evans was perfect. He put his team in position to tie with a gimme FG. To me, that's a bona fide performance. Yes, during this regular season he was inconsistent. So was the entire team. Pull Ray Rice's stats and you'll see some pretty weak looking performances. Would Ozzie cut him because he fumbled a few times in big games? Or maybe because he's not Ahmad Bradshaw or whomever ran the ball for the last 5 Super Bowl winners.

Is Flacco elite. Not yet, but I sure wouldn't say he can't be. I'll always root for the Ravens to lose, so I'd be happier to see Flacco crash and burn. But if was the Ozzie, there's no way Flacco gets away in the next 3 years. Frontload the contract, and give him another couple of shots at the ring. I think Oz is confident in his drafting ability, but he'll try to keep the window open for a few more years by adding to the defense. He's got a good QB, 2 good RBs, 2 good WRs and 2 good TE's.
This is pretty much my problem with Flacco.
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