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Re: Mad Max

  • redright
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Posted: 1/16/2013 12:25 PM

Re: Mad Max 

Yes That's the way I see it. A bad game Sunday and Flacco is in play.

--- Aardvark wrote:

Since I'm not sold on Flacco as being a top 5 qb, I'm not keen on spending that kind of money for him.  And I think Ozzie has felt the same way.

Over the course of the previous two seasons, there was grumbling in Ballmer over Joe F.  No question he had been a productive qb and jump started an offense that was carried for years by the defense.  But it seemed to many that while he was good, he may not have been quite good enough.  And so there was talk (debate) about whether the club should ride it out and maybe hit with him eventually, or make a change because the defensive core wasn't getting any younger.

IMO the club stayed with him because it would have taken too long to find a suitable replacement, and that there was enough surrounding him to be enough to go to the SB.  Flacco also helped himself by outplaying Brady in last year's AFC title game.

Still, if the Ravens was sold on Flacco, they would have crafted an extension for him in the  off season.

I wrote about this last year at this time, along with the Niners trepidation regarding Alex Smith.  The Niners broke through last year with a big season, and many fans thought Alex Smith broke through as well with his best season.

But then he didn't exactly shine in the playoffs, and the Niners blew their cover in the off season by making overtures to Manning.  

When Kaepernik got his opportunity and made the most of it, it wasn't like Harbaugh even hesitated in not following injured veteran protocol.  He went with the hot hand, and SF looks even more formidable now than last year... all because of the change in qb.  Alex Smith seemed to leave nagging doubts.  Tattoo Boy has everybody on board.

Perhaps Ballmer sees a lesson there.  So if the Ravens again lose to the Pats, and if Flacco doesn't really acquit himself, Ozzie may think their window has pretty much closed with Ray gone, Ed & Suggs soon to follow, and it's rebuilding time. 

And they may view a max contract for a qb for whom they haven't had max faith to be mad.  Or at least an unwise expenditure.

IMO Flacco has a somewhat overinflated opinion of himself, and wants the max contract to validate his self-estimation.  If the Ravens are unwilling to give him all that, then he may want to leave, knowing the team may be in rebuilding mode anyway (unless they're operating under some sort of Boston Celtics-like delusion). 

There's no question that Flacco would be the best qb since the return-- the best since Bernie.  It's whether one thinks he's really worth a max contract.  Yes, he's been in the playoffs every year he's played.  But the Ravens were a team that was loaded everywhere but at qb.  Flacco made them a perennial playoff team.  He didn't pull the dog sled.  He wasnt the straw that stirred the drink.  That's what you expect from a max contract.

And if Flacco signs with a team other than the Browns, it kills Baltimore just as dead. 

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