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Posted: 1/16/2013 7:46 AM


mistero wrote: If you were Ozzy, wouldn't you cut cap from everywhere except Flacco. I would dump all the old defenders. I would fill my roster with a bunch of undrafted guys before I get rid of my QB. Flacco,Rice, Torrey Smith..untouchable. Ngata is a beast but I can find a DT somewhere. You just can't find good QB's, it takes luck and a bunch of first rounders.

I'm not sure what Ozzy is thinking but that's what I would do.
Exactly. They'll be drafting near the bottom of each round this year. Where will they get their next franchise QB if Flacco leaves? They'll free up enough cap room by dumping the old guys - Ray Lewis is already retiring and Reed has maybe one more year left. 

If the Ravens let Flacco go because he's too expensive it will "kill" them whether he lands in Cleveland or somewhere else. 

If they decide he's not worth whatever he's demanding, they can still franchise him for the next two years until they develop somebody else. I just don't see him hitting the street.

If Chud doesn't think Weeden is the guy I can see the Browns going after Alex Smith as a stopgap until they get The Guy. Kind of like when Belichick brought in Vinnie Testaverde after he lost confidence in Bernie.
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