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Posted: 1/15/2013 9:08 PM


I am saying Flacco stats and winnings, his on field performance make him the best QB to come available since Brees. He makes the Browns instant playoff quality. Flacco in the Chud system would be lights out compared to what we have and what we are likely to be in the realm of acquiring. Flacco has the skill set to take us to the playoffs.


Imo, losing Flacco eliminate the Ravens from the post season. They have and old and injured defense. Without Flacco they then become a re-building team on offense and defense.

I am saying the Steelers have more issues than can be overcome in a draft. They, too, are old and in need of rebuilding. Their held together with baleing wire offensive line is a perrenial problem. Their defense is aging an subject to considerable injuries.

I am saying that the addition of Flacco eliminates the Ravens from consideration as the AFCN winner. I am saying the Steelers have multiple problems and should be beatable. That leaves only the Cincinnati Bengals as competition for the AFCN winner.  Mike Brown won't spend. Lewis is not the greatest HC in the NFCN. The addition of Flacco puts us in the position of improving with our 48mil and the draft to the point of not only becoming relevant but winning the division.

It is a BOLD move, but necessary to win in 2013.
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