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Re: Schadenfreude

  • redright
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Posted: 1/15/2013 8:55 PM

Re: Schadenfreude 

Benbenbenbenben wrote:
redright wrote: Steelers at home No playoffs STR every year they ave lost to the Browns they have missed the playoffs.
Now Joe Youenling sits at home this Sunday eve, bemoaning the lost to those hated Browns and all he can see is the AFC championship game. Ravens vs Patriots. The two teams they hate the most.

Ah, the bright side of life.
And here I thought you were going to chortle about Bronco fans emptying out their stadium with coulda, woulda, shoulda...

Wasn't it wonderful, in a schadenfreuden way, to see Manning take a knee with 28 seconds and two time outs only to go into overtime an lose. yes YES Y E S,   Especially when the following day Ryan with 28 seconds and two timouts take the Falcons to a win. 

Manning has a losing record  in the playoffs and FOX didn't help. NO guts no glory!

Must be awfully hard on those Bronco fans.  I know I would be pissed. Bring in the "greatest QB in the NFL(not my opinion) and have him take a knee???? you kidding me?  Brady drove for a the winning points with no time outs an 80 seconds from his 21 in the super bowl. Ryan went the distance for a win with 28 seconds an two time outs. 

wimps....weenies... hey it's the broncos.. 


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