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Browns to be better or worse?

Posted: 1/16/2013 7:31 AM

Browns to be better or worse? 

That abortion they shot their was on  2011 over McCoy was never more than a Holmgren wet dream beating his mentor in the same third round and finding Joe II.

I called that stoopid sheet for exactly what it was in real time at the time and didn't give a flying fArt who didn't like it.

McCoy was the 21st pick in the 3rd round. Not exactly a huge investment. So he's turning out to be a career backup. He'll probably have a Seneca Wallace type career. They could have done better with that pick (Navarro Bowman was taken a couple of spots later), but drafting McCoy in that spot was hardly a disaster. In fact it wasn't much different than Seattle taking Russell Wilson in the 3rd round. Sometimes you hit on a guy who's not supposed to be tall enough or have enough arm (Tom Brady in round 6, for example). 

The much bigger mistake was passing on Andy Dalton AND Colin Kaepernick with the #26 pick the following year after they had a chance to see McCoy in practice on a daily basis and even start six games as a rookie. They passed on Kaepernick AND gave up a draft pick to move up for Phil Taylor. This went against Holmgren's philosophy of drafting a QB every year. 

I don't know if McCoy's solid showing as a rookie in his first start against the Steelers misled them into believing he was The Guy or what. Maybe it was the back-to-back wins over the defending Super Bowl Champion Saints and the Patriots in his next two starts, or his 132 QB rating in a close loss to the Bengals. But it's amazing to think they passed on a QB with as big an upside as Kaepernick when McCoy was their starter. That's where Holmgren should have stepped in and made the pick. I'll bet he's kicking himself now.

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