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Re: Soul....QBs can't run


Posted: 1/15/2013 7:00 AM

Re: Soul....QBs can't run 

gadfly23 wrote: SD - "Brady buys the extra time he needs with subtle moves"

They don't come gawkier or slower than Brady - so who taught him?
Whose gonna teach Weeds?

Brady's is a natural like RG3's God given speed  when he was young , he ignored the rush and released the ball at the last second without a flinch , as he got older and those hits took their toll , he developed the pocket awareness of survival and experience under live bullets as an afterthought to completing his passes , no coach can teach you instinct , and there is no panacea for thousands of hours of game film and actual game experience.

Under Charlie Weis and O Brien  he developed a game which takes a backseat to none , and he is the one case , where a player came in from College with no rep as a deep ball thrower who developed it into an art of which he has no peers .

The man's arm got stronger as he got older instead of whats happened to Manning who never had a gun , but now even that's eroded to a pop pistol .

On Weeds .

He's in the best hands he could hope for .

Chud took a stump like DA and landed him in the pro bowl as an alternate , it was DA's limited brain and emotional fragility which prevented him from continued growth .

As in all things some people simply cannot take advantage of golden opportunities due to their inherent limitations , no matter who they have as mentors , .

So too shall we see with Weeds.

If he doesn't flourish under Chud and Turner , then he's a hopeless case and 2014 securing QB will be priority number one .

Hopefully as I suspect that shouldn't be the case , so we can go hunting for impact players like Clowney and others to really take a talent jump on the roster .

Prudently I would advise they add a young talent in the third to fifth round who can upgrade our depth and potentially challenge  when given the opportunity down the road  so that the position remains strong and secured against future events.

The Florida state QB per example who has size enough arm and the physical quicks to develop much as kap did in the background behind Smith , much the way Pro QB's were afforded the opportunity to sit and learn  before the new rage of pay em and play em took hold.

The railing on the other board by posters and Cleveland fans  on the talk shows over the possible return of Derek Anderson are short sighted ignorance ASFIC .

Couldn't get a better prod to see what Weeds can do .

Anderson knows the offense  and he can zip the damn ball , so the rest of the team won't suffer as Weeds struggles to catch up .

The two will hold battles as to who throws the better ball in Camp , and the receivers will be much more able to develop timing and rhythm in patterns as the ball will get there in a hurry regardless of whose delivering it .

The third QB will have to work , and will be all the better for it .

Humps like the McCoy's of the world   brought in for Camp arms will look like slow motion , and be exposed with the quickness , just like the prospect who keeps up with that duo will find a welcome home , and stand out quickly in camp.

Anderson's game experience and resume on multiple teams brings  true legit veteran value  , unlike the non support Weeds received in that department on last years roster .

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Posted: 1/15/2013 8:38 AM

Re: Soul....QBs can't run 

The entire problem is what the rules committee and head honchos have made this nfl game.

Flag football.

More passing, more scoring, etc.

It sucks.

I long for the good old days where WR's couldn't run wild and there weren't so many interference or holding calls.  More defense.  More running.

A man's game.  Not this pussy-sheet we see now.
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